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The concept you and your partner have developed (publishing specifically for 2, 3, 4, or 5 octave bells) is exactly the type of thing I'm looking for. The ability to copy as needed helps our budget situation and the idea we could play 5 octaves with maybe 6 people is welcome. I like the fact there are minimal ( ) marks as with some of the young ringers in my groups it is really confusing.


Way to go! Very impressive web site. I am forwarding this to several of my friends.

Donna, Tulsa, Oklahoma

I'm interested in the 'Hymns Your Way' series. I'm not the director but I hate the fact that when we finally get to play for a service, we play one piece and then are done. It would be so great to have a resource like this.

Barbara, North Carolina

I love the idea of the 'Hymns Your Way' series! I have been looking for new ways to incorporate our church's bells into the worship service.

Cyndi, New England

I'm very interested in the 'Hymns Your Way' series and in the publishing company in general.


Your accompaniments sounds like something I'd be interested in getting more information about. The flexibility this sounds like it offers would be awesome.

Sara, California

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